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Tessy Oragwa has gradually carved a niche for herself in the make-believe industry, where she has done a myriad of movies.With movies such as ‘Sisterhood Of Darkness’, ‘Elephant Love’, ‘Mr and Mrs Big’, ‘Black Pan Paddy’ and ‘Tower Of Covenant’, among others, Oragwa has proved that she is the next actress to watch out for in the industry.This report aims to decode the provisions of GAAR, and enable a basic understanding of these, the conditions that will need to be satisfied to apply GAAR as well as the approval and redressal mechanisms, if GAAR is to be implemented.This 2017 joint Pw C and IACC report on ' Taking US-India economic relations to the next level' discusses industry status, trends and challenges, vision of the future and opportunities for investment.Same people, same soundtrack, same spelling mistakes, same bad techniques.

And now the natural hair trend is still hot among celebrities so they can start from low cut to the full grown natural hair.

well, something worth sitting through part 1 and part 2.

In ‘wicked love’, the son of a billionaire, Denise, lives a sheltered life of comfort with his girlfriend he has been dating from secondary school and his job that he acquired from his father. But while this new found love between Mayowa and Denise is melting ice and building mountains, it’s also bringing pain to others – Vivian.

The third quarter of this year alone witnessed investments worth almost 6 billion USD across 127 deals, a 73% increase in value despite a 25% decline in volume as compared to the same period last year.

Pw C offers a diverse and exciting approach to development which puts you in the driver's seat.

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‘Wicked Love’ belongs to that class of home videos that is simply surprisingly good.

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