Tennis shop europe online dating

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Tennis shop europe online dating

Following her experiment, Thompson said she feel sympathy for how Sharapova was treated after the doping incident.'There are probably a lot of drugs being taken by athletes that might be improving their games that we don't know about.

The drug inhibits the synthesis of a substance called carnitine, which cells need to burn fat and produce energy.

Her ban was a global scandal, as the then-28-year-old, who was ranked sixth in the world, admitted she had been taking the drug for eight years.

But in the wake of her controversial comeback, amateur tennis player and magazine publisher Catherine Thompson tells Daily Mail Online that she has tried the drug - and the results were not what she expected.

Because lactic acid is linked to muscle soreness, athletes can use the drug it to bypass discomfort after a hard workout, making training more effective.'I can't say whether or not it does anything it shouldn't or that it 's bad in any way.

It could be completely safe,' Dr Jeffrey Kohn, a New York City cardiologist told Daily Mail Online.'But in the US it's not well studied enough and there have not been enough trials for it to be approved by the FDA.'Dr Kohn also said that while he doesn't know a whole lot about the drug itself, he has heard of it being used by athletes and assumes it is related to how it improves cell metabolism.

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So instead of burning fat, cells turns to glucose to provide energy.

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