Sam taylor wood dating aaron johnson

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Sam taylor wood dating aaron johnson

Back then, he was still plain Aaron Johnson, and played the lead role of Dave Lizewski, a nerdy high-school teenager who becomes an accidental superhero.

The film was a curious mix of violence and comedy, and utterly divided audiences.

And now he's a father, how do his own parents fit into his life?

In an interview last year, he said he gets on with them, though he never goes to see them: if they want to see their grandchildren, they come to him.

Some loved its kookiness and Tarantino-esque style.

Others found it disturbing, especially when it came to the character of Johnson's knife-wielding fellow crime-fighter, Hit-Girl, played by the then 13-year-old Chloë Grace Moretz. Jim Carrey, who plays the leader of a motley band of amateur vigilantes, recently distanced himself from it, tweeting that he regretted taking part in a film with "that level of violence" in the light of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December.

It's hard to think of many great actors who would have had much to say at his age.A flood of teen-flick parts came in, so he changed tack, and took the lead in Nowhere Boy, a biopic of the young John Lennon.The director was Sam Taylor-Wood, the Brit artist and ex-wife of art dealer Jay Jopling."You know what: he was a huge advocate of it when he stepped on. That's not in an arrogant kind of way, it's just like you can step in and out of it. But I don't live to act, to go from job to job, and being in everyone's face all the time. And then to be surrounded by all those people all the time!A major fan of the first one, and of the comic book."Taylor-Johnson, however, does not believe there is a link between violence in films and in society. It's a fictional character."What's unusual, and endearing, about Taylor-Johnson is that he can waffle on about the process of acting and how much he loves his work, but in the end, he doesn't care that much. "It's my release of expression and my way of exploring."When I ask a banal question about what his ideal role might be, he sighs and launches into this speech: "My whole thing, my priority, is my family, my kids and my wife. Sometimes I think I'd like to step out for a good four or five years."And maybe I'll do that, you know. But they've already set up what they're doing next. I live for my wife and my kids and I wake up to them and that's what I enjoy."He describes having children as "the most wonderful thing" and says he learns more from them than anybody. It's humbling and grounding." It's refreshing, I say, to meet an actor who isn't completely self-absorbed. That's why it's good to get away and just be at home, to do normal things." As well as his two daughters, Wylda Rae and Romy Hero, who are three and 18 months respectively, he also has two step-daughters, Angelica (16) and Jessie (seven), and a three-year-old Newfoundland dog called Bear. It's not like you're bound to be in the house all the time.

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"Sam, 45, and Aaron, who is 23 years younger than her, said "I do" in Somerset on Thursday, the couple told E! Dating since 2009, the couple have two children together: Wylda Rae, born in 2010, and Romy Hero, born in January of this year.

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