Proper age gap for dating

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His answer was that metallurgy was unknown at that time.

He cited Biblical passages to prove that in Biblical times stone was the first material used.

He later used artifacts and the excavation reports published or sent to him by Danish archaeologists who were doing controlled excavations.By the 16th century, a tradition had developed based on observational incidents, true or false, that the black objects found widely scattered in large quantities over Europe had fallen from the sky during thunderstorms and were therefore to be considered generated by lightning.They were so published by Konrad Gessner in De rerum fossilium, lapidum et gemmarum maxime figuris & similitudinibus at Zurich in 1565 and by many others less famous.Vatican collections included artifacts from the New World of exactly the shapes of the supposed ceraunia.The reports of the explorers had identified them to be implements and weapons or parts of them.

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His position as curator of the museum gave him enough visibility to become highly influential on Danish archaeology.

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