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Many thanks to Gerard Dempsey for his work on this article.

Gerard is the former Unite Father-of-the-Chapel at Polestar in Sheffield and a member of the GPMU & IT sector of the union.

Mechanics' Institute, Princess Street, Manchester There is a plaque on the outside of the Mechanics' Institute, Princess Street, Manchester where the first Trade Union Congress was held from 2-6 June, 1868.

Built in 1854 as a centre for working class, adult education it offered a wide range of evening classes in English grammar, writing, reading, music, arithmetic, Latin and other languages.

When the Corn Laws were repealed during the first years of the Irish famine it was viewed as a decisive shift towards free trade in Britain.

Elliott was born at the New Foundry, Masborough, Rotherham on 17 March 1781.

One of his final poems was The People's Anthem and this was later retitled Save the People and was included as a musical score in the 1971 rock musical Godspell.

Elliott's birthplace of Rotherham was slower to honour him.

In 2009 artwork by Martin Heron was erected at Rhymer’s Roundabout.

It is titled ‘Harvest’ and depicts ears of corn as an illusion to the Corn Law Rhymes.

He began studying botany and reading extensively on his own. The woman he married, Frances Gartside, was wealthy and Elliott invested her fortune in his father's share of an iron foundry only to lose everything. Over the following three years he was impoverished and desperate and this sorry state of affairs appears to have made Elliott identify with the poor from then till the end of his life on 1 December 1849.

In 1819, Elliott obtained funds from his wife's sister and with which he began business as an iron dealer.

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The same year saw Wetherspoons open a new pub in Rotherham that is called The Corn Law Rhymer.