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They are partnered closely with Mercy Ministries, a Christian-based (admittedly) anti-choice organization that also “treats” girls who struggle with eating disorders, self-harm, depression, etc.Gloria Jeans claims they are not closely linked and only count MM among many of a number of local charities that they support.Every week, it seems, news breaks of another site laying off dozens of beloved writers, as sites with big time capital — the Buzzfeeds and Vices of the world — suck up more of the market and more of the advertising money. I’m proud that we still exist, but we’re often on the brink of not existing anymore, and this job has never been easy. But we love this work, we love you, and we are more determined than ever to do everything we can not to leave you. Heather Hogan is an Autostraddle senior editor who lives in New York City with her partner, Stacy, and their cackle of rescued pets.And as Facebook continues to change the way websites find readers. When the news broke, our inboxes, comments and social media lit up with one question: What does this mean for Autostraddle? From Riese: The current online media landscape is not friendly to the type of media we create. They were the first lesbian website I ever read, they have an archive of writing about lesbian pop culture that was unrivaled for so long. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. If you have any new information regarding this program, please email Lisa Kerr at [email protected]] I just want to bring this to everybody’s attention.Gloria Jeans is an international coffee chain akin to Starbucks.

It’s been rumored that Gloria Jeans coffee has ceased funding Mercy Ministries, but I do not have confirmation of that.

My hero, Scribegrrrl, became my mentor and then a deeply beloved friend because of After Ellen.

As did my hero Dorothy Snarker, the very first real writer to tell me I had what it took to become a real writer.

In June of 2008, not very long after I came out, After Ellen founder and Editor in Chief Sarah Warn plucked me from the comments of a Hot 100 post and offered to let me write a few blog posts a week for After Ellen, a gig that eventually came with a senior editor title.

I met my future wife because of the recaps I started on After Ellen.

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And as fresh-from-college writers are forced to devalue their work for “exposure” and veteran writers are deemed disposable. Since 2011, the percentage of our revenue generated from advertising income has been in decline, and since 2013, the actual amount of advertising-generated income has been in decline.