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Mukodono 2001 online dating

Sure I had a gripe about all the characters sounding alike after a while, because they used only a small dubbing team to dub EVERYTHING they showed instead of subtitling it (like what Korean Arirang TV does now), pero okey na sa akin yun. Arirang TV also has some pretty cool movies on weekends---try watching Saturday midnight. Back in 1997, I was able to watch this Japanese cartoon telenovela of a middle-school girl who admires this really popular guy.

Problem is I wasn't able to finish it coz NHK did not carried it anymore.

pero my all time favorite is Itazurana (or is it Itatzurana) Kiss...

i dunno the title pero its about this girl na may gusto dun sa guy na ignore lang sha, sumthin like that...

For 2003, they lack of chemistry but the story probably funnier and noisier.

Anybody here knows the japanese actor Takuya Kimura? i think it's last thursday, i watched a behind the scenes special or something on wowow. i don't understand japanese but i think the story is cool. I could've sworn before that I was one of those social life-less ones because I preferred to stay home and watch the episodes of Dear Woman or (insert Jap drama series here) on JET TV. Magaganda ang pinapalabas nila, if you don't mind being stared at by passersby, wondering "Ano kaya ang nainom nitong lokon 'to at nanonood na ng Korean/Japanese...?

its about another girl(hs student) who felt inlove after having her first kiss(accidentally) with this man who's like totally ignoring her..

I saw it n` CETV - chinese channel(dubbed as well) enways... I remember the Asakusabashi Youth Store was a show about abject Japanese silliness.

my isp throttles my torrent connections, so i need a direct download link.

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EDIT: Thanks to those who reseeded the Jem torrent! does anyone among you know where i can download good quality videos of the first mukodono?