Is there a dating website for stoners love dating website in ecuador

Posted by / 18-Jun-2017 07:46

Stoned Girls, the community of high and beautiful women, use 420 singles to describe their stoney experiences.420 Singles is literally run by a single person, Ryan, who started the 420 dating website after determining such a format was lacking from both the cannabis industry and the dating industry.

The site itself is fairly easy to use, although it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other dating sites.

Keep in mind, it is run by a single person and is free to use, so you get what you, in this case, don’t pay for.

You’ll find on the site many of the same functions as other dating sites such as email, chat, forums and profile browsing.

Like other dating sites you have the ability to create profiles, browse others profiles, email and chat.

High There describes its target audience as “medirecreational” users of marijuana who do not want to be judged in the dating community any longer for their cannabis use.

While alcohol may be overwhelmingly accepted as a societal drug the majority of Americans consume, cannabis, on the other hand, still struggles to shed its complicity as a drug which rips at the very polyester-esque fabric of our society.With over 60,000 members, there is definitely a good chance for you to find someone you can eventually call your own.Apparently, 420 Mate–a site that calls itself that cupid of cannabis– are the biggest, and consequently, most popular cannabis dating website on the web.Something unique about High There is they manage a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account as well as a blog, all with the goal of connecting cannabis users to each other.Hell, maybe you’ll find your stoner soul mate on here or even your new boss.

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Fortunately, as cannabis begins to slowly shed its stigma, so does the stigma of dating a stoner.