Is ruprt grint dating katie lewis

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Is ruprt grint dating katie lewis

Grint won the Whats On Stage Award for Best London Newcomer for his role.Sticking to his acting roots, rather than singing the tune, Rupert is acting them out through a dramatic reading.

“I would expect Ron has probably divorced Hermione already.

However, rather than self-destruct as is the tendency of early successful actors, Grint remained solid and reliable, and was clearly popular with his peers, as well as the auteurs and thespians he was suddenly surrounded by.

Given the length of the book series, Grint’s life was overtaken by the production of the adaptations, which were his primary focus from 2001 to 2011.

Like co-star and friend Daniel Radcliffe has, Grint, after working so extensively in film, returned to his theater roots.

Grint’s experience in the theatre was limited to runs in school and local productions; his first professional theater debut was in July of 2013 in Jez Butterworth’s where Grint played the role of Sweets, an amphetamine addled young hood.

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It also didn’t hurt that the film broke box office records and earned nearly a billion dollars in its initial theatrical run.

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