Fico interface inconsistent fico document header data for updating

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Fico interface inconsistent fico document header data for updating

By eliminating things such as needleless duplication and precomputation of data which clogs other systems, we have significantly lowered your cost of managing Financials.

And because our experience at building robust accounting systems, we can do this without disruption to your business.

In this first part of the series, we begin with exploring the concept of redundancy in general.

Afterwards, we look deeper into the changes of the data model brought with Simple Finance and highlight how this non-disruptive innovations has been possible, allowing an almost seamless switch-over to SAP Simple Finance.

Thus, SAP Simple Finance overcomes the associated costs such as reduced transactional throughput and increased database footprint.

At the same time, SAP Simple Finance is a non-disruptive innovation of the classical ERP Financials because it replaces the materialized views with non-materialized compatibility views.

Historically, redundant data has nevertheless often been stored explicitly only to improve read performance, as the calculations to derive it in the absence of materialization required too much additional effort.

For years, enterprise applications have employed redundant data storage in order to provide sufficient performance to users in transactional and analytical applications alike.

SAP ERP Financials has historically not been an exception.By freeing your system of the constraints of precomputed data models, we also open up your system to a more agile way of computing, allowing financial analysts to quickly experiment with what-if models while speeding quarterly closes.refer to the physical storage of derived and redundant data in a database.Hence, the decision for SAP Simple Finance was clear: the previously existing materialized views have been removed and replaced by compatibility views.These compatibility views transparently provide access to the same information calculated on the fly to ensure that the changes are non-disruptive.).

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In addition to removing the materialized views, SAP Simple Finance also evolves the traditional Financials data model by removing the materialized aggregates from the system, again replacing them by compatibility views.).