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Disney channel argentina online dating

She dreamed of becoming an engineer but enrolled at naval school after a double family tragedy - her brother's death in a car accident and her mother dying from a heart attack.She enrolled in the naval school instead, having her first encounter with the sea at 21.Hopes of finding the ARA San Juan plummeted on Thursday after Argentina's navy announced that a sound thought to be an explosion had been detected.US and specialist agencies said the 'hydro-acoustic anomaly' was produced just hours after the navy lost contact with the submarine on November 15.She said: 'According to them, they only found out about the explosion now, but who is so stupid to believe that? They lied to us.'Maria Leguizamon, whose husband German Suarez is among the missing, told how 40 relatives gathered at the naval base were told about the explosion minutes before the press conference in Buenos Aires, but before an official had finished reading the statement 'the people became very aggressive'.She said: 'They are furious, they started to break everything, they didn't allow him to finish reading the statement., 35, is third-in-command of the sub.More than a dozen international vessels and aircraft joined the search for the San Juan, including a Voyager jet which became the first RAF plane to depart from the UK and land in Argentina since the Falklands War 35 years ago.

But he said evidence showed 'an anomalous event that was singular, short, violent and non-nuclear that was consistent with an explosion'.You cannot imagine how many people are praying for you.'She dedicated a few lines of her note to the commander, asking him to 'do the impossible and get back to the surface. She added: 'They didn't give any explanation, according to them they found out about this today, but I just can't believe that they didn't already know.'One relative left the Navy base shouting: 'They killed them, they killed my son!'Another said: 'They are the sons of a thousand whores.Officially, Argentina's Navy is refusing to speculate on the fate of the sub's 44 crew members and have vowed to continue the search for the stricken vessel.Relatives angrily accused the Argentinian Navy of a cover up after they were forced to confirm information that there had been a violent explosion in the area where the vessel would have been.

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His wife, Jessica Gopar, posted a moving letter on Facebook on Tuesday, in which she said every day of waiting 'is a little harder.