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Dating a married woman with children

Dear Lesbian Life: I remember the first time I saw a Playboy magazine, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the women in the pictures.

I remember the first time I masturbated, it was to the thought of a woman.

So there I was in my late teens and earlier twenties dating men but fantasizing about women during sex.

Fast forward 23 years and I’m married with three children.

After reading the "The 50 Shades of Grey" trilogy it was as if my libido had finally awoken after 20 years and I had the sex drive of a 16-year-old boy.

The desire to be with a woman was all I could think about and so I went for it.

I knew it was wrong,so I had to make the best choice for me.

Lesbian looked like boys and I could understand the attraction.

)Being a lesbian is about sex, but it’s about more than that. I suggest talking with a good therapist to help you sort this out.

So make sure that you really can see yourself in a relationship with another woman and consider all the other aspects of being a lesbian before you make your decision. Don’t do anything rash, but do do what is right for you.

if he had any respect for you or his family or even his future family with you.... if he is not happy in his marriage then he needs to end that first, before building into another entire relationship.

At least then it will better and with better chance to success. you need to decide if you can live the rest of your life being a homewrecker.

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