Accomadating relationship in workplace online sensex watch

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Accomadating relationship in workplace

Culture will suffer as a result because the relationships that form will be transactional in nature.

They won’t inspire employees to collaborate, innovate, or provide discretionary effort on behalf of the company’s goals.

Company culture prospers when it unifies diverse employees and facilitates decision-making based on a consistent understanding of company purpose and strategic objectives.

Simply put, if you can’t communicate effectively with your employeesyou can’t deliver the key messages that link the importance of their work to organizational strategy.

Some leaders will resign to the situation and chalk this communication disconnect up to “irreconcilable generational differences.” They forget that, on occasion, complicated problems can have simple solutions.

If you want to open up communication between generations, build professional relationships, and create culture alignment, just listen to your employees.

Ask them what their communication preferences are, and leverage their preferred channels to build relationships and reinforce your culture. We often lose sight of the fact that communication is a two-way exercise. As an entrepreneur and corporate executive, I’ve learned firsthand the importance of being involved in the onboarding process.

If we don’t know if they’ve received the message, the communication isn’t complete. It’s a valuable time to learn the communication preferences and expectations of new hires while setting realistic expectations of how we work together to achieve results.

As a result, there are now an unprecedented five generations working alongside each other, and the age gap between our oldest and youngest workers is the widest it’s ever been.

But millennials came into the workforce alongside the social media revolution.

They prefer more flexibility in their communicationwhy talk in person when you can say everything over an instant messenger program?

Where employees can question the status quo (“Do we need to have this meeting?

”), and still comfortably work within the confines of their environment.

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The key is to ensure the compromise is never exclusionary.